Miami – “Lost in Avalon” – November 30, 2017

—Contact Information—
Name: Luciana Lambert
Title: Executive Producer/actress
Project Title: “Lost in Avalon”
Company or University: Female Voices Productions

—Casting Details—
Casting Dates: November 2017
Casting Location: Miami, New York
Shoot Dates: January 14-20, 2018
Shoot Location: Miami

Type of Compensation: copy, IMDb Credit, SAG-AFTRA voucher (if actress is non-union)

Based on “The Mists of Avalon” characters Morgan and Guinevere. Two women stuck in an island they can’t leave unless they make piece.

Character Breakdowns:
Margo- woman in her late 30s or 40s. Preferably dark or red hair. Margo is a Celtic priestess. She has a strong but contained personality. Intelligent and kind, she also knows how to stand her ground.

Additional Information:
This is going to be shot on green screen mainly. A few outdoor scenes at a beach. A lot of dialogue. Therefore, a lot of rehearsal commitment needed, as well as character development meetings (those can be done via Skype). The movie is going to participate in many independent movie festivals. Cast and crew mostly women. Apply only if you can commit to the project and sign it after initial meeting and one read through of the script.

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