Orlando – “Demoniac” (PAID) – November 17, 2017

—Contact Information—
Name: Irene Ramirez
Title: Casting Director
Project Title: Demoniac
Email: Irene@BrokenPhonebooth.com
Company or University: Broken Phonebooth Productions

—Casting Details—
Callback Dates: November 17, 2017
Callback Location: Orlando
Rehearsal: Date, time and pay to be determined.
Shoot Dates: December 7 & 8, 2017
Shoot Location: Orlando

Type of Compensation: $400/day per character


Please view our video storyboard: http://bit.ly/castmocap

Character Breakdowns:

-Jesus – male

-Demoniac – male or possibly female

-Disciple – male

Height Restriction: Your height MUST BE from 5’5″ to 6′ for ALL ROLES. Please do not submit an audition if you do not fit the height restriction.

Additional Information:

Demoniac is a short mocap (MOtion CAPture; think Avatar) film being directed by Dom Carola.

We will be capturing the bodily motion and facial performance of your acting to drive our animated characters but your image will not appear in the film.  We are looking for a convincing performance – period. ​

Create a video casting submission of no more than 1-minute of dramatic material from this video storyboard <http://bit.ly/castmocap> of our project

If your video is promising you will be invited to the callbacks.

If cast, you must be prepared to play any character in this short film

Submit your video audition to: Irene@BrokenPhonebooth.com

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