Palm Beach – PBA Student Film “Romantic Comedy” – October 14, 2017

—Contact Information—
Name: Alexandra Bello
Title: Casting Director
Project Title: Romantic Comedy
Company or University: Palm Beach Atlantic University

—Casting Details—
Casting Dates: By Appointment only, Thursday Oct. 12 from 5-9 PM or Saturday Oct. 14 from 9 AM-3 PM
Casting Location: Palm Beach Atlantic University (specific location given with the appointment)
Shoot Dates: November 10-12th & November 17-19th. (2 Weekends)
Shoot Location: West Palm Beach, FL

Type of Compensation: Non-Paid. Student Film

Romantic Comedy

Character Breakdowns:
Paul Beckett
Age Range: 24-30
Look: Plain, Caucasian or Asian. No strong features.

Paul is weak willed. If he were to take a personality test online, his result would be a doormat; because people walk all over him. He did his best to please Sarah and be a servant, but he forgot to be himself. After being left at the alter, he is sad, alone, and on a journey to rediscover himself. He is also somewhat sarcastic.

James Cromwell
Age Range: 26-33
Look: Caucasian or black; tall and handsome.

James was Paul’s best man, and stole his wife. That should say a lot about his character. He follows his heart and is very emotional. He does not think about others, he wants what he wants.

Sarah Anderson
Age Range: 23-27
Look: Blonde, beautiful.

Sarah was never in love with Paul. She loved him, but she was never in love with him. She is clearly out of his league, and stayed committed to him because of how he treated her. They didn’t have any chemistry; so that’s why the idea of marrying James felt so right to her. It was freeing.

Age Range: 37-55

Only cares about painting an interesting story. Has no regard for Paul’s emotions, and does not think any of his questions cross the line.

Age Range: 22-26
Look: Brunette, also beautiful.

Her real name is Cassie. She was a bride to be and was just left at the alter, and Paul finds her devastated. She has a great personality, and it shines through her emotional state.

Additional Information:
Non-Paid, you will be fed during shoot dates, will receive IMDb credit plus a download link with the copy of the film.

Please submit by emailing the following:

*a video submission that contains the following —
-Slate your name, age, height and answer why you feel you can be Paul, James, Sarah, Interviewer or Bride. —
*your resume
*your demo reel
*your IMDb page (no FB page)

Type the name of the Short Film on the subject line followed by the keyword ‘Casting’.
This is an excellent opportunity for you to become part of professionally shot (on Red Cameras) **Student Films** from an award winning School like PBA.

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