Palm Beach – PBA Student Film “The Patch Up” – October 14, 2017

—Contact Information—
Name: Alexandra Bello
Title: Casting Director
Project Title: The Patch Up
Company or University: Palm Beach Atlantic University

—Casting Details—
Casting Dates: By Appointment only, Thursday Oct. 12 from 5-9 PM or Saturday Oct. 14 from 9 AM-3 PM
Casting Location: Palm Beach Atlantic University (specific location given with the appointment)
Shoot Dates: Weekends of Oct 27-29th, November 3rd-5th & November 10-12th. (3 Weekends)
Shoot Location: West Palm Beach, FL

Type of Compensation: Non-Paid. Student Film

Jimmy, who works as a paramedic by day and mobster by night, must choose between the business of saving lives and taking them.

Character Breakdowns:
Jimmy:18-20 years old. Italian. Scrawny build.

Accent required: 1940’s New York Italian.

Jimmy is a hyper competitive kid with a loving heart. His father and older brother enlisted in the Army and fought in Europe. His brother never returned and his father came back changed. Jimmy was too young to enlist to join them, so he struggles from an insecurity complex. He seeks to prove his worth by picking fights and joining up with the local mob. His heart of gold simultaneously leads him to work as an ambulance driver, saving lives during the day and taking them at night.

Optional skills: familiar with Italian language

Salvatore: 40-60 years old. Italian. Accent required: 1940’s New York Italian.

Salvatore is a Capo in the Guinta crime family. After killing a mobster’s son, Salvatore has become a target of a rival mob family. He is warned that his time is running short, so looks for opportunities to be charitable. His mentorship of Jimmy, however flawed, is an effort to atone for his past sins.

Optional skills: familiar with Italian language

Doc Ferguson: 50-60 years old. Accent required: mid-Atlantic.

Ferguson is a corrupt Doctor who hates Italians, especially Jimmy.

Additional Information:
Non-Paid, you will be fed during shoot dates, will receive IMDb credit plus a download link with the copy of the film.

Please submit by emailing the following:

*a video submission that contains the following —
-Slate your name, age, height and answer why you feel you can be Jimmy, Salvatore or Doc Ferguson. —
*your resume
*your demo reel
*your IMDb page (no FB page)

Type the name of the Short Film on the subject line followed by the keyword ‘Casting.’
This is an excellent opportunity for you to become part of professionally shot (on Red Cameras) **Student Films** from an award winning School like PBA.

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